Joho! een alternatieve dropbar. Voor bikecamping, offroad, of gewoon lekker toeren.

- 6061 butted aluminum
- Size/Width: 655mm at ends, center-to-center
- Width: 505mm at front of drops, center-to-center
- Width of flats on top: 340mm
- Center: 31.8mm
- Drops flare out at 20° angle
- Drops are 190mm long and have an OD of 22.2
(i.e. they can take flat bar grips)
- Reach: 65mm / Drop: 112-160mm
(Reach and drop is relative to the angle you install these bars at. On these types of bars, you want to angle the drops down, not have them parallel to the ground as with road bars)
- Weight: 400g
- No cable grooves
- Shotpeen finish


Soma Gator Dirt Drop Bar  x€ 76,00