Klassieke remschoentjes voor Mafac. Exacte passing, geen snijwerk nodig. Schoen glijdt in houder als gods woord in een ouderling...


2 Pairs/4 Pads
4 bump style
Brand New, not old stock


Weight per pair: 15.2 grams
Overall length: 46 mm
Pad contact width: 9.8 mm

Salmon - Our most famous Salmon compound is also one of our most aggressive compounds for extreme all weather conditions especially in the wet, but still superb in the dry.

Black - Our standard compound which is great for all weather conditions, but designed for dry condition riding.


Koolstop Mafac remblokken Rood (per 4 stuks/2 paar)  x€ 37,00
Koolstop Mafac remblokken Zwart (per 4 stuks/2 paar)  x€ 37,00