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On-OnE midge, Daija Farbar, Salsa Woodchipper, Soma Gator, Soma Junebug


The midge bars take STI road controls / levers, clamp on oversized 31.8mm road and MTB stems and provide a much shallower drop than most drop bars on the market. This is ideal for anyone who loves the racy look, but wants to maintain a more upright riding position. You can therefore ride the drop much more of the time and have full access to the brake levers.
Youll descend steep stuff with more confidence than you ever imagined - some siders claim they descend faster with these bars than on a regular flat bars. Sweet, eh?! By giving you more hand options, it also helps reduce muscle and nerve fatigue and pain mixing it up helps the body endure longer, harder rides. Even if youre just cruising the promenade on your classic fixie, the Midge bars give a strong and distinct look that looks mighty dapper on your bicyclismo!
Geometry: width at the ends - 554mm - centre/centre. Width of flat section or tops - 375mm Overall drop - 112mm centre/centre. Sweep forward - 64.5mm centre/centre (from centre of bar clamp to centre of tube at the front. Flare at ends - 113deg. Finish - black anodised with lazer logos. ID at ends (for bar end shifter users) - 19.8mm. Brake Lever clamp size on main bit of bar - 23.8 (road lever clamp standard). Stem Bar C. Material: 6061 aluminium.
Weight 25.4mm 277gr (White finish)
Weight 31.8mm 299gr (White finish)

Salsa Woodchipper

Offroad Drop Handlebar, 31.8, 44/61cmx110x80mm, bb black


SOMA alternative drop bar. It's wide ande takes MTB grips, shifter levers as well bar tape. Also it take aero levers as gravel bar. 6061 Butted aluminium. Wide 655mm at ends centre-centre. Clamp 31.8mm, 22.2mm grip size. 400g, Black, Silver

Here is your alternative to "alternative drop bars". It's wide and takes MTB grips as well as bar tape. The grip area is long; long enough to run grip shifters and flat bar levers. But the Gator will also take aero levers just like the Junebug. Try it bikecamping, offroading, or touring.

- 6061 butted aluminum
- Size/Width: 655mm at ends, center-to-center
- Width: 505mm at front of drops, center-to-center
- Width of flats on top: 340mm
- Center: 31.8mm
- Drops flare out at 20° angle
- Drops are 190mm long (160mm of that has an OD of 22.2mm. A 22.2mm OD fits MTB grips, levers, twist shifters)
- Reach: 65mm / Drop: 112-160mm
(Reach and drop is relative to the angle you install these bars at. On these types of bars, you want to angle the drops down, not have them parallel to the ground as with road bars)
- Weight: 400g
- No cable grooves
- Shotpeen finish


Drop bar designed with off road use in mind. Roomier in the drops than the On-One Midge. Shallower drop than WTB Dirt Drop. Slightly narrower than both. 31.8mm only. (To fit a 26.0mm stem, look to the Portola)

- 6061-T6 aluminum
- Width 56cm (measured center-to-center at bar ends)
- Drop: 112mm
- Reach: 65mm
- Stem Clamp Size: 31.8mm
- Width of flats on top: 340mm
- Width at lever mounting area: approx 45.5cm
- ID at ends: 20.0mm
- Drops ("hooks") have a flare to them
- Polished black and silver
- Weight: 300g







Soma Gator Dirt Drop Bar  x€ 76,00
Dajia Farbar zwart  x€ 75,00
Salsa Woodchipper  x€ 95,00
On-OnE Midge  x€ 80,00
Soma Junebug Bar zwart  x€ 80,00
Dajia FarBar zilver  x€ 75,00