Named after an iconic cyclocross course near Seattle, the Steilacoom combines the supple casing of Compass tires with a knobby tread optimized for muddy conditions. Professional cyclocross racers use the most supple tubulars in the world to obtain better grip and more speed. Until now, there were no extra-supple clinchers wide enough to equal the ride and performance of those pro-level tubulars.

The Steilacoom combines the supple casing of Compass tires with a classic knob pattern that is designed to pick up as little mud as possible. The knobs are widely spaced to clear the mud as the tire rotates. For riding on hard surfaces and pavement, the center knobs are staggered to offer good rolling. The large side knobs reduce squirm during cornering and make for a smooth transition without the sudden breakaway of most knobby tires.

Even thought the Steilacoom rolls OK and corners fine on pavement, it is not intended as a road tire. To make it roll really well, we’d have to space the knobs so closely that they would be useless in mud – they’d just pack up. We prefer our “Road” tires for pavement, dry gravel and dirt roads. Use the Steilacoom for rides where you expect muddy conditions – and cyclocross.

Made in Japan.

The Steliacoom is tubeless-ready.

Steilacoom 700C * 38 tan  x
Steilacoom 700C * 38 EL tan  x€ 92,00
Steilacoom 700C * 38 EL black  x€ 92,00