Rene Herse Crank

  Het snijvlak van schoonheid en prestatie. Het moderne klassiek. Het model stamt uit 1938, dus al wel op leeftijd. Maar ondertussen ook aangepast en verbetert. Licht, en multi-toepasbaar.

Rene Herse Cantilever Brake

Meneer Heine vertelt, de lichtste remmen op dit moment. slechts 75 gram per wiel, (zonder blokjes, dat wel maar wel weer mét blokjeshouders). Dat ligt aan het minimale design. De gesmeede bodys zijn dun maar sterk. Uitgebalanceerd veertjes maken optimale afstelling mogelijk.

Steilacoom 700C * 38

Named after an iconic cyclocross course near Seattle, the Steilacoom combines the supple casing of Compass tires with a knobby tread optimized for muddy conditions. Professional cyclocross racers use the most supple tubulars in the world to obtain better grip and more speed. Until now, there were no extra-supple clinchers wide enough to equal the ride and performance of those pro-level tubulars. The Steilacoom combines the supple casing of Compass tires with a classic knob pattern that is designed to pick up as little mud as possible. The knobs are widely spaced to clear the mud as the tire rotates.

Elk Pass 26 * 1.25

The Elk Pass 26″ x 1. 25″ tires (32 mm-wide) are superlight tires for bikes with 26″ wheels. Elk Pass crosses between Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams in the Cascade Range. The road is paved, but it has settled in places, and cracks have opened in the pavement.

Mc Clure Pass 26 * 1.5

The Compass McClure Pass tires bring performance and comfort to bikes with 26” wheels. Whether a mountain bike, an expedition tourer or a tandem, you will be amazed at the difference a set of wide, supple tires can make. The McClure Pass requires tubes. Made in Japan.

Naches Pass 26 * 1.8

The 26″ Naches Pass evokes one of the less traveled routes across the Cascade Range. The 26″ wheel size is ideally suited for adventure touring, because spares are available all over the world, and many touring bikes are built for that wheel size. Wouldn’t it be tempting to chart an alternative route from the Pacific to the Atlantic, traveling across Naches Pass and similar little-traveled routes? The Naches Pass is tubeless-compatible in both standard and extralight casing. When used with tubes, we recommend the SV12 or SV14A tubes. Made in Japan.

Rat Trap Pass 26 * 2.3

The Rat Trap Pass (26″ x 54mm) is the ultimate expression of our new Enduro Allroad tires. With its 54 mm width, it is incredibly plush, yet thanks to the smaller 26″ wheel size, it handles like a good road tire. Rat Trap Pass bridges the gap between Crystal Creek and Straight Creek valleys near Darrington, WA. It’s a road that is rough in places and smooth in others, so the extra volume both increases your confidence and your speed. On pavement, the grip of the Rat Trap Pass is incredible – think race car with ultra-wide tires.

Switchback Hill 650b * 48

At 48 mm wide, the Switchback Hill is our largest 650B (27. 5″) tire yet. Switchback Hill is the first and only named climb on the 360 mile Oregon Outback gravel ride/race. The gravel is quite loose in places, and the extra floatation of the Switchback Hill tires gives you more speed and security when the going gets really rough. 30% of the Oregon Outback is on pavement, so we designed this tire to roll as fast and grip as well as a good racing tire.

Babyshoe Pass 650b * 42

Babyshoe Pass (1330 m/4350 ft) runs between the great volcanoes of Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams in the Cascade Range. This long climb on a gravel road provides a “back-door” way from Seattle to Portland, which avoids the crowded Puget Lowland. The road can be quite rough, depending on when it last has been graded. As you climb out of the dense evergreen forests, the mountain vistas open up and you see glimpses of Mount Adams.

LoupLoup Pass 650b * 38

Loup Loup Pass (1225 m/4020 ft) connects the Methow Valley with the Okanagan in northern Washington State. The road across this scenic pass is paved, but the pavement is rough and cracks can form where the road settles. Wide tires are a definite plus if you want to descend this beautiful pass with confidence. The Loop Loup Pass requires tubes. Made in Japan.

Antelope Hill TC 700C * 55

Met 55 mm breed is de Antelope Hill de grootste band tot nu toe. Antelope Hill is de onofficiële naam van de laatste grote klim op de 360 ​​mijl lange Oregon Outback ride. Het grind is vrij los op sommige plaatsen en de extra draagvlak van de Antelope Hill-banden geeft je meer snelheid en veiligheid als het echt moeilijk wordt. Antelope Hill zelf is een mooie verharde klim, de band past er goed bij. Met deze band heb je echt het beste van beide werelden.

Snoqualmie Pass 700c * 44

Named after the pass that carried the Olympian Hiawatha express train to Seattle, the Snoqualmie Pass tires are ideally suited for riding on the loose gravel of the rail trail that now traverses the pass. Enjoy the speed of the supple casing on pavement, and the floatation of a wide tire on gravel. The Snoqualmie Pass also is a great way to transform the on-road performance of your 29″ mountain bike. The Snoqualmie Pass is tubeless-ready.

Barlow Pass 700c * 38

Dát misten we al een tijdje. Een soepele, lichtrollende, high TPI bevattende buitenband. En Jan Heine, de regelrechte afgezant van de grote Rene Herse, heeft dit product in de markt gezet. Schot in de roos. Gemaakt bij high-end bandenfabrikant Panasonic/Panaracer.

Bon Jon Pass 700c * 35

The Bon Jon Pass is our Goldilocks tire: at 700C x 35 mm, it fits bikes that have extra clearance around the Stampede Pass (32 mm), but not enough space for a Barlow Pass (38mm). Bon Jon Pass is accessed via a relatively smooth gravel road on the Olympic Peninsula. The moderate gradient allows you to let your bike fly, and these tires will be perfect for surfaces like that. On pavement, the Bon Jon Pass will outcorner narrower tires thanks to its greater width and its lower pressure, both of which keep more rubber in contact with the road surface. The Bon Jon Pass will glide over chipseal where narrower or less supple tires will chatter.

Stampede Pass 700c * 32

Stampede Pass (1119 m/3671 ft) is a small pass in the central Cascades that is accessed via a gravel road. This pass offers great views of the central Cascade Range and a twisty descent with numerous hairpin turns. The gravel on this road often is smooth, so you can ride this pass on 32 mm-wide tires. The Stampede Pass requires tubes.

Chinook Pass 700c * 28

Chinook Pass (1656 m/5430 ft) branches off from Cayuse Pass and leads to Eastern Washington. The road takes you up to the treeline, and as you round Tipsoo Lake, you get the most spectacular vista of Mount Rainier. The view is especially impressive in the morning, when the glaciers glow in the early sunlight. Chinook Pass is a high pass, so there tends to be gravel left over from the last snowfalls. A slightly wider tires will make the ride here much safer and more enjoyable.

Cayuse Pass 700c * 26

Cayuse Pass (1425 m/4675 ft) is the last pass during the legendary Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day (RAMROD). It is a long climb that offers beautiful vistas of Mount Rainier and the snow-covered peaks of the Cascades. Most participants in RAMROD ride racing bikes, and a 26 mm tire is the largest they can fit on their bikes. The Compass Cayuse Pass tires roll fast enough to stay with your group, and their superior comfort means you won’t suffer even toward the end of this 156-mile ride. Available only with extralight casing.